3 Tips to Help You Deliver a Dazzling Presentation

Public speaking is something everyone has to face in his life time. No matter whether you have to speak at a wedding or in front of your boss. You need to be able to deliver a dazzling presentation.

In this article I want to present you some tips that you can use while speaking in front of an audience.

Prepare Yourself
Preparation is one of the most important aspects of speaking in public. Not even World Champions of Public Speaking are able to pull off their great speeches without preparation.

There are several things you can do that will have a big impact on your speech:

  • Outline your speech
  • Familiarize yourself with the place at which you are going to hold your speech
  • Hold your speech in front of friends

The Beginning
One thing I want to emphasize here is that the beginning of the speech is the most important part. If you lose your audience there then you will not be able to pull them back.

Make sure that you have something at the beginning of your speech which grabs your listeners’ attention. It can be something very simple such as a story. You could use video among other things, just be creative.

Once you have hooked your listeners it will be a lot easier to make them listen to you and to achieve the results you want to achieve.

Backup Plan
A backup plan is important especially if you rely heavily on technology such as Powerpoint or other things. If there is an overhead projector available then make sure to copy your presentation (or only the important parts of it) onto a transparency. It will be worth it when something stops working.

Also if you prepare yourself well then it should be easy for you to still hold a great presentation even though something might stop working.

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