Christmas Presents – The Top 3 Tips To Saving Money

Let’s face it, Christmas can be expensive, and the thought of saving money is often overshadowed by retailer’s high budget marketing campaign aimed at parting you from your hard earned dollar. So let’s look at some ways you can start saving money on Christmas presents.

Secret Santa

If you have a large family, or social circle this is one of the best methods for saving money on Christmas presents, let alone saving your sanity.

If you haven’t heard of the concept before, its really quite simple. You put all the names of your family, or group, in a hat, and each member pulls out one name only. You then buy a Christmas gift for that one person.

Its great, everyone gets one Christmas present, not multiple gifts. The beauty is you are saving money on Christmas presents by not having to buy multiple gifts.

You also get to focus on what that one person would really like. So ultimately they get a better Christmas gift, and everyone gets to save.

Agree On A Budget

Would you rather gift giving be about the thought and effort that went into the Christmas presents’ selection, not how much the gift cost?

Unfortunately the ‘spirit of the gift’ can be lost due to egos, incomes, and expectations. It can leave you feeling embarrassed, or guilty for over spending, particularly when you need to be saving not spending big on Christmas presents.

Talk to your family, friends, & social groups, and agree on a maximum dollar amount for gifts, say $20 each. Remember, you are probably not the only one wanting to save money over Christmas.

Writing A List And Checking It Twice

Hey, if its good enough for Santa why not put the ‘list’ to work for you!

Write a list of everyone you usually buy Christmas presents for.

Is there anyone on your Christmas gift list who really should be on the ‘naughty list’?

Do you really want to waste money on someone you don’t like? Bah humbug to obligation! You may like to politely inform them you are only buying Christmas presents for immediate family. Chances are they would prefer to be saving money on Christmas gifts too.

So how you ‘spend’ Christmas is up to you. You could max out the credit cards, have a fabulous day and a lousy, debt ridden year. Or you can start saving money and enjoy Christmas without the financial hang over.

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