Personalised Gifts: Top Tips for Buying Unique Presents

How do you choose a gift that stands out from the usual high-street crowd? Read this essential shopping guide to find something that’s out of the ordinary.

You’ve been invited to a Christening, a friend’s just had a baby or there’s a special birthday coming up. You need to buy a special gift. You’re not interested in anything too traditional or the usual boring stuff that most people go for. You’re someone who appreciates a thing of beauty, good design and above all a gift that is a bit unusual and special. After all, what you give says a lot about you and your taste and you definitely don’t want to be considered dull and lacking originality, do you?

So what on earth do you buy and where do you even begin to look? Don’t despair. There’s a treasure trove of wonderful, original gifts out there. All you need is a little imagination and the courage to be different.

To make it easy for you, here’s a round-up of great gift ideas that you can give to your nearest and dearest to mark their special day. Whether it’s a new baby gift, baptism present, sweet 16 birthday keepsake or anniversary gift, these choices are great for all sorts of special occasions.

Personalised jewellery and silverware

And no, this is not just for the ladies! You can buy everything from bangles to charm bracelets to cuff links to pens featuring the personal details of your loved ones. If you go online you can find a fantastic selection of bespoke silver gifts produced by talented British crafts people. One of my favourite gifts ever given to my son on his first birthday was a pair of silver driving wheel cufflinks with his name and date of birth engraved on each one. This is something that he will cherish forever and can use when he grows up.

Personalised pottery

If you’re a bit creative yourself why don’t you head down to your local pottery cafĂ© or studio. You can choose an item of pottery, decorate and personalise it yourself and then present it to someone as a truly original gift. It’s great fun, shows you have really put yourself out and has your own personal touch. There’s a huge range of pottery ware to suit all budgets, including egg cups, platters, teapots, dinner plates, jugs, tiles. You could even do a whole dinner service!

Personalised furniture

Bookshelves, rocking horses, chairs, tables, even beds – you can commission your very own furniture and have it personalised and decorated for the one you love. You can go online to find what you’re looking for or ask a local carpenter to make if for you. These sorts of gifts when given to babies often end up as heirlooms passed from one generation to another. My children have a beautiful wooden armchair made by their Granddad for my husband when he was a boy and it is much loved and treasured by us all.

Personalised religious gifts

For Christenings, baptisms and dedications, a religious themed gift is a perfect choice. You can get lovely gold and silver cross necklaces which can be engraved with an inscription or personal message. You can also give beautiful bibles and prayer books with the recipient’s details stamped on the cover. You can buy these online, from jewellery shops or Christian book shops.

Personalised story books

Imagine the excitement of a child when they open a fantasy tale and they are the handsome hero or pretty princess? My son’s Godmother gave him a lovely gift one birthday all about dinosaurs and he was one of the main characters in the story. He still treasures that book today – even though he’s now ten years’ old!

Personalised name prints

There are some beautiful name gifts and keepsakes on the market today. You can get everything from fantastic fairy framed pictures personalised with a girl’s name to cars, trains and automobiles which are great for a boy. These look fantastic in a child’s bedroom or nursery and are a lovely keepsake. You can add a personal message and include name meanings and origins too.

Personalised embroidered baby gifts

Embroidered blankets, cushions, pillows, and cross-stitch pictures make lovely gifts for babies and newborns. You can get these made to order and personalised to include the details of the child or you can have a go yourself. You can buy great kits with everything you need, including detailed instructions, from haberdashers, craft shops and department stores. They are also available online.

So there you go – you’ve no excuse for buying and giving boring gifts anymore! And with online shopping, it couldn’t be easier. So next time you need to pick a present, make it personal with one of the great choices listed above. Remember, what you choose says a lot about you – and you don’t want to be considered dull and lacking originality, do you?

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