Presentations and Branding

Many sales professionals find themselves asking, “To present..or not to present?” The answer of course is going to depend on how you want to depict your business. Making sure that your brand is represented well is key to gaining the confidence of your client. So back to the question at hand. My personal opinion is to present. Presenting to potential clients show that you are not only very detail oriented, but it also gives clients a chance to take a look at your products or services. Outside of the obvious, presenting is also somewhat of a note card presentation if you may. The presentation will help guide you through your sales pitch. This will help to ensure that you miss nothing that you want to cover with the potential client. Presenting will guarantee that no stone is unturned. This way when everything is said and done your not looking back at things things you could have done, or forgot to do. Statistics show that 53% of sales decisions were based off of the quality of the presentation, or whether there was one at all.

Your presentation represents your brand!

Be fully aware of this when creating your presentations.

While I agree with using presentations as a tool there are definitely clients that you may not want to present to. In this you need to know your audience. Knowing your audience will help you to judge whether you should be presenting, or going a different route. Inexperienced sales people tend to have problems with this, and these are the people that end up putting clients to sleep. Again make this decision based on the product/service you offer, and the client that you are selling to.

Some tips for presentations:

  • Make sure the presentation is detailed, but not so busy that the clients is overwhelmed.
  • Don’t speak solely off of what is in the presentation, keep things interesting and not so predictable.
  • Include examples of your product or service in your presentation.
  • Bring your own equipment for your presentation, asking the client for any of their equipment is not appropriate.
  • Use a projector if appropriate: It is difficult to see presentations on a laptop.
  • Do not make your presentation long, keep it short and sweet.
  • While a lot of these tips are common sense, one can never be too careful. There are some great websites out there to help put together presentations, as well as give some great presentation tips.

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