The Costa Blanca, From Past to Present

Costa Blanca, which means “white coast” in English is a coastline which spreads over an area of two hundred kilometers. It comes under Alicante, which is a province of Spain. Its name took birth from a promotional campaign in which a flight program was introduced between Valencia and London in 1957; by the BEA. From that time, Costa Blanca is visited by numerous tourists from different parts of the world. Costa del Tarongers, Costa Calida, Torrevieja and Denia forms this area. Benidorm or Costa Blanca is counted among the most popular cities among the tourists.

The Moors, who entered Spain through Gibraltar in 711AD, captured the whole of Alicante by 718AD. The Moors kept on ruling for almost 4 centuries; giving a new shape to the culture and history of this land. They introduced peaches, oranges, almonds and means of apposite irrigation. The influence of Moors can still be observed by watching a large number of terraces at hill sides. Finally, in the year of 1492, the Moors were expelled from Spain. That was the time when Isabella and Ferdinand (Catholic Monarchs) acquired power in Granada. Before this time, the Moors and Christians kept on fighting over their rule on different parts of Spain. Jaime I from Aragon finally succeeded in bringing Alicante back to Spain in the year of 1248. The Moors did not quit and they kept on trying to get back in to Spain even after suffering defeat.

Till mid 17th century, Spanish coast faced frequent attacks from the Arabian pirates. After a long time, in the year of 1812, Spanish constitution was laid down and formal creation of the provincial borders of Spain came in to existence. It was then that Murcia and Alicante got established, as we all can see them at present. The Spanish civil war broke out in 1936, in which Murcia and Alicante backed the Republicans. The control of Spain was taken by the General Francisco Franco from the Nationalist Movement; in the year of 1939. In the decade of 1960, the flow of tourists increased considerably in Spain.

Costa Blanca is one of the most famous Mediterranean holiday spots in Spain; mainly because of its classic golf courses and lovely beaches. You would find pleasant weather in Costa Blanca almost all round the year. Here, one can visit numerous old villages, towns, restaurants and bars which serve locally produced wines and delicacies.

For people who do not want to indulge in too much adventure, walking tours are a great option. Week long, weekend and day tours are offered to the tourists. You would get to know about Costa Blanca and its inhabitants from close. Historical ruins, rock formations and old romantic homes (you would miss all these if you choose traveling by car) present in Costa Blanca would make your holiday experience more pleasurable.

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