Ways to improve your pool fencing

Pool safety is a legal requirement in Australia, because if you don’t pass a pool safety inspection in Sydney, it could mean a lot of extra expenses for you to get the issues rectified and even fines and penalties. One of the requirements of a pool inspection in Sydney is to have pool fencing that meets with the standard regulations.

So, here are some easy ways to improve the pool fencing in your home in order to adhere to the laws and regulations.

Install glass fencing – Glass fencing gives you the maximum possible visibility of the pool area so that you are always aware if anyone, especially children, are near the pool. Not only that, but glass fencing is easy to maintain and highly durable, especially since they are usually made from tempered glass. Fencing without frames is the best, in order to provide the best visibility. Don’t forget that this type of fencing can enhance the look and style of your home as well. Ensure that the fencing does not have any climbable areas and are according to the required height, with no gaps in-between where a small child could squeeze through.
Pool gates – The pool gates on your fencing should have high quality hinges and latches, so that the gates cannot be opened easily. Latches should be auto locking, so that even if someone forgets to latch the gate, it will lock automatically. These latches should be fixed at a height specified by law.
Clean the surrounding area – Ensure that the area surrounding the pool and pool fencing is kept clean, and there are no climbable objects.
Install an alarm – Installing an alarm for the pool gate which sounds off when someone opens it is a great way of being aware of what is happening around the pool area.

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